A Welcome Message from
Kirsten Wegner, Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to Modern Markets Initiative (MMI). We are an association of financial technology professionals that strive to educate and advocate for the role the of innovation in creating the world’s most efficient markets. I encourage you to explore the MMI website for information and resources on high-frequency trading and current issues affecting our financial markets, as well as news and updates from our organization. I hope that you find your experience on our site to be both educational and thought-provoking.

-Kirsten Wegner, CEO


Reports and Studies


Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) Study

Read more in this op-ed from CEO Kirsten Wegner. The following report on the FTT provides an in-depth, extended look into what this tax really means for pension funds and all investors.
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NEW: MMI Industry Peer Review of the MITRE Study

After conferring with internal industry experts, trading technology practitioners and former SEC regulators, MMI has put together the following peer review of the MITRE Study, and has concluded that this study includes fundamental misunderstandings and failures in its assumptions related to some of the basic mechanics of how the markets operate.
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Protection of Source Code

In support of IP protection of source code, MMI submitted joint comment letters in support of Congressman Duffy and in response to the CFTC Regulation Automated Trading Source Code provisions.
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News and Views

Upcoming Events

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