A Welcome Message - MMI Moving Forward and Thank You!

Welcome to the Modern Markets Initiative (MMI), a non-profit education and advocacy group comprised of financial technology professionals who make today’s financial markets more efficient, transparent and cost-effective for retail and institutional investors.

Since 2013, Modern Markets Initiative (“MMI”) has performed education and advocacy about the role of technology in today’s markets. MMI has proactively partnered with regulators, members of Congress, leading academic institutions and the professional trading community to tell the positive story of how applying technology to the trading process has saved investors money and helped make the U.S. markets the envy of the world. Given the improved understanding of high frequency trading and the role algorithmic trading plays in the transparent mainstream of today’s modern markets, MMI plans to disband at the end of June 2024.

The members of MMI would like to thank the talented and dedicated staff that has worked with MMI over the years – as well as the countless individuals who have shown us their support in advancing the greatest markets ever.

core principles

Markets should be designed to maximize efficiency for all investors.

Market Efficiency
Fair and Equal Access
Market Stability
Sound Regulation

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