The Modern Markets Initiative (MMI) helps investors save money and better invest for the future.

Modern Markets Initiative (MMI) is the education and advocacy organization devoted to the role of technological innovation in creating the world’s best markets. It was founded in 2013 by leading, quantitative trading firms Global Trading Systems, Hudson River Trading, Quantlab Financial and Tower Research Capital whose collective role in creating market efficiency contributes to a dramatic reduction in trading costs for investors. MMI engages and educates public audiences and policy makers about the value modern market professionals provide to today’s electronic marketplace.

Our Team

MMI supports policies that strength U.S. capital markets so they remain the envy of the world.

MMI stands in broad support of policies to ensure that the U.S. capital markets remain the envy of the world; and for global regulatory efforts to establish holistic, data-driven policies to best ensure the stability of the markets for all participants, particularly Main Street investors, and to offer tools for the advancement of secure savings and investment through innovation to ensure the Best Markets Ever.