Kirsten Wegner, CEO

Kirsten Wegner is the Chief Executive Officer of the Modern Markets Initiative (MMI), a non-profit education and advocacy group for innovation in today’s financial markets. Kirsten is a lawyer, speaker, and podcast host on financial technology and the markets, with a particular emphasis on how technology can democratize access to the markets for retail investors. She is also a prolific author of opinion commentary on the markets, with published pieces in the Financial Times, The Hill, Insider, Morning Consult and RealClearMarkets.

As MMI’s chief executive, Kirsten has testified before Congress on “Robots on Wall Street” before the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services Task Force on Artificial Intelligence. She is a frequent speaker at industry and university conferences, including the Milken Global Conference and Princeton Fintech and Quant Conference, on market automation and the role of innovation in saving investors money. Kirsten co-hosts a podcast,CryptoStudyHall, on social justice and the future of money.

Before joining MMI, Kirsten served as Director, Government Relations for the International Securities Exchange, where she built the Washington office of the first all-electronic options exchange from the ground up. She previously worked as an attorney at a global law firm advising exchanges, brokers, startups, automated traders, and a variety of financial institutions on financial regulation and legislative policy. Kirsten holds a J.D. degree from Georgetown University Law Center and a B.A. degree from Columbia University. Her Twitter handle is @KirstenWegner.

MMI Advisory Board

The MMI Advisory Board is a community of change-makers who share a common goal: advancing secure savings and investment through innovation. The Advisory Board meets regularly to tackle industry issues and discuss creative solutions for ensuring that we maintain the Best Markets Ever.

Topics the Advisory Board is addressing in the coming year include:

  • recognizing the key role that technology plays in advancing savings;
  • technological solutions for democratizing access to investment
  • helping pension funds to innovate, and highlighting innovative pension funds
  • promoting women in technology, innovation and investing
  • showcasing the competitiveness of US innovators and their role creating the Best Markets Ever
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Advisory Board Members