MMI Submits Comment Letter to CFTC regarding ICE Futures “Speed Bump” Proposal

MMI Industry Peer Review of the MITRE Study

MMI supports the valuable role academic research plays in reviewing the nation’s equity markets. After conferring with internal industry experts, trading technology practitioners and former SEC regulators, MMI has put together the following peer review of the MITRE Study, and has concluded that this study includes fundamental misunderstandings and failures in its assumptions related to some of the basic mechanics of how the markets operate. 

MMI invites to you read our factual analysis on the study, as well as a fact sheet to help you gain a clearer understanding of the SIP and direct feeds. MMI is happy to be a further resource in boosting investor confidence in the integrity of HFT technology, and the benefit on pension funds and the savings community in particular.


Fact Sheet

MMI FFT Study - Impact on Pension Funds

Senator Bernie Sanders has proposed what is known as a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) on every share of stock traded. This tax would result in a massive new fee for pension funds – amounting to billions of dollars each year in extra costs. Modern Markets Initiative strongly opposes this proposed FTT. Read more about how this tax affects pension funds and university endowments in
op-eds by CEO Kirsten Wegner. The following report on the FTT provides an in-depth, extended look into what this tax really means for pension funds and all investors.


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Read OpEds from MMI regarding the impact of FFT on Pension Funds and University Endowments:

MMI Comment Letter to SEC on Market Data


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MMI Industry Comment Letters on IP Protection of Source Code

What is Source Code?