Weekly Roundup

GameStop Volatility – Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reportedly met with key financial regulatoryagencies to discuss recent price surges in GameStop stock and other companies.

Cybersecurity & Source Code – Security firm Stormshield disclosed a data breach and theft of source code. Stormshield is a leading provider of network security products to the French government, of which some are approved for use on sensitive networks.

ETFs – With investors continuing to utilize ETFs as an investment strategy, analysts have predicted theETF market will hit $50 trillion in assets by 2030. Further, analysts discussed GameStop’s potentialimpact on ETFs and portfolios.

Options – Experts discussed the increasing use of stock options as trading strategies of retail investors, ascovered in this story on options use and GameStop.

In the Mix: This Week’s Top FinTech Thought Leader

Introducing “In the Mix” – a roundup of key thought leaders in FinTech and an overview of their policies and platforms.

This week’s “In the Mix” includes:

  • Professor Jim Angel, Georgetown McDonough Business School, continued thought leadership onequity market structure amid recent GameStop volatility.
  • John Gulliver, Committee on Capital Markets Regulation and Professor Hal Scott, Harvard Law School, among others, co-authored a study on equity market structure and automation of the markets,and data on a financial transaction tax.
  • Chris Brummer, reportedly the next nominee to Chair the CFTC, hosted a Fintech beats podcast on“Tackling math and bias and Zest.”