Weekly Roundup

Celebrity SPACS
Discussion continued on celebrity SPAC backers from Serena Williams to A-Rod fueling the “blank check” movement. Blank-check companies were associated with fraud and lackluster investor returns for decades.The Wall Street Journal noted that “Now, SPACs are cool” thought regulatory scrutiny regarding investing in SPACs continues even with famous backers.

Bitcoin’s 890% Rally and Energy Consumption
Three experts shared thoughts on the cost of bitcoin mining and energy concerns.

Gamification of Stock Trading
SEC Chair Gary Gensler has indicated he would look at gamification of trading. Senator Pat Toomey said gamification of the markets is an asset, not a problem.

Cybersecurity continued to draw attention, with reports that Congress is considering a bill requiring reporting of majorcyber-attacks.

In the Mix: This Week’s Top FinTech Thought Leader