Weekly Roundup

Social Media and Gamification: GameStop Hearing Part III
A third GameStop hearing was held in the House Financial Services Committee this week, with SEC Chair Gary Gensler testifying.

SPAC Crackdown
Media discussion of a potential SPACS crackdown continued, with speculation over whether regulators would “deflate the boom” in these “blank-cheque” companies, including optimistic projections and celebrity endorsements.

ESG Investing
Record inflows to ESG funds were reported to be approaching $2 trillion in assets under management globally.

Artificial Intelligence
A report was published regarding artificial intelligence trends in the global fintech markets.

IP Protection and Source Code Misappropriation
It was reported that Tesla settled a lawsuit with a former employee regarding autopilot source code misappropriation.

In the Mix: This Week’s Top FinTech Thought Leader