Weekly Roundup

Investing and Gamification
Warren Buffet remarked that certain free online trading apps were catering to gambling instincts of investors.

Crypto ETFs
Media speculation continued concerning when regulatory approval might happen for at least 9 crypto ETF filings, amid Gensler’s testimony last week about the need for regulation and investor protections.

It was reported that some firms went from rescue PPP loans to SPAC windfalls, with discussion over whether loans should be repaid.

Further discussion continued on ESG investing, amid rising investment in sustainability and its heightened priority level in the Biden Administration.

IP Protection and Source Code Misappropriation
It was reported that tRe3 and reVC, two mods which reverse-engineered the source code of Vice City and GrandTheft Auto 3, were restored after a recent misappropriation.

In the Mix: This Week’s Top FinTech Thought Leader