Weekly Roundup

Ongoing Rise of Retail Investor Participation
Speculation continued that retail investor participation would further surge. One report noted that this was just the beginning, with a strategist raising his estimate on household net equity buying to $400 billion from $350 billion, with households reportedly allocating 44% of their assets to equities.

Post GameStop Disclosures
SEC Commissioners Hester Peirce and Caroline Crenshaw weighed in on post GameStop, with discussion topics including short sale disclosures and transparency.

Brazil Crypto ETF
The Brazilian Securities Regulator (CVM) has approved an ethereum ETF, the system is developing, and that “should be a question for all regulators.”

Ongoing Uncertainty Regarding US Crypto ETF Applications
The SEC continued consideration of the WisdomTree Bitcoin ETF application, with timing uncertain for thenext few months.

Source Code
Reports of source code thefts continued, with Grand Theft auto source code reportedly reverse – engineered.

Bitcoin ETF
Uncertainty continued over the timing of a bitcoin ETF approval, following a request for comment from the SEC on how investor protections brought by regulated bitcoin ETFs should be balanced against concerns regardin gpotential manipulation

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