Weekly Roundup

Gamification and Retail Investor – SEC Request for Comment
The SEC has issued a request for public comment (comments due October 1) on gamification, including perspectives on firms’ digital customer engagement innovations, including: artificial intelligence-led revolution in predictive analytics, differential marketing and behavioral prompts designed to optimize customer engagement, impact of interfaces on fairness and bias. A retail investor survey is included for everyday investors, also due October 1.

Gensler Comments on Crypto and DeFi: As Disruptive “As the Internet”?
SEC Chair Gary Gensler told EU Parliament that crypto and fintech could be as disruptive as the internet was in the 1990s. He noted the $2.1-trillion cryptocurrency markets as a “truly global” asset class, noting, “It has no borders or boundaries. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” His remarks came amid discussions with European regulators regarding balancing public policy frameworks to support innovation in crypto assets and DeFi while maintaining strong investor protections.

Narrowing Stock Tick Sizes
MEMX Members Exchange urged regulators to allow half-penny tick size, below the current minimum penny tick, to lower costs for investors and reduce bid-ask spreads.

Source Code Intellectual Property Protection
Attention to theft of intellectual property and source code continued, with reports that hackers released stolen source code for FIFA2021 on the dark web.

Cybersecurity and Fake NFT
Attention to cybertheft continued, with reports that collector bough a “fake” Banksy NFT for over $335K after an alleged website hack.

ESG Investing
Attention to ESG investing continued, with speculation that investors will face a “transitional shock” as climate crisis hits.

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