Weekly Roundup

CoinBase pitched a blueprint for a special crypto regulator.

Market Structure Reform
Rick Fleming, the investor advocate at the SEC, spoke at SEC Speaks about the need for market structure reform, and suggested the need for a sharper distinction between advisors and brokers, or to harmonize the regulatory environments in which they operate.

Rise in Consumer Adoption of FinTech
It was reported that nearly 90% of Americans now use fintech, with Boomers now the fastest-growingdemographic.

Speculation continued on the timing of SEC approval of a Bitcoin ETF.

Source Code
Source code theft continued to garner media attention, following reports of a massive breach of streamingplatform Twitch’s source code.

In the Mix: This Week’s Top FinTech Thought Leader

  • Jim Angel, Professor, Georgetown McDonough Business School, noted to
    Traders Magazine that, “My mission in life is to visit every stock exchange in the world” and shared his thoughts on market structure reform in an interview
  • PaperImperium is reportedly the “DeFi” delegate knocking on the doors ofCongress.