Weekly Roundup

It was reported that volatility has effectively doubled since the beginning of January.

SEC Urges Vigilance, Stress Tests
The SEC warned broker dealers and participants in the markets to “remain vigilant to market and counterparty risk” amid heightened volatility and global uncertainties.

CFTC Surveillance
CFTC Chair Rostin Benham spoke at an industry conference this week about CFTC staff acting as a strong cop on the beat with market surveillance, noting that staff are “surgically focused on their analysis of trading for any manipulative, inappropriate, or disruptive conduct.”

SEC Cybersecurity Disclosures
Dan Berkovitz, General Counsel, SEC, and former CFTC Commissioner, spoke about mandatory cybersecurity disclosures.

Soaring Crypto Exchange Revenue
A report suggested that crypto exchange revenue soared 600% in 2021, surpassing the rate of revenue growth of traditional exchanges

New Options Exchange
The exchange MEMX will reportedly launch an options exchange.

Bitcoin ETF
The SEC rejected NYDIG Bitcoin ETF and Global X Bitcoin Trust listing proposals.

Source Code Theft
Vodafone is investigating source code theft claims.

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