Weekly Roundup

British NFT
Britain announced plans to mint its own NFT by this summer as part of a push to “lead the way” with crypto regulation.

Crypto Oligopoly?
It was reported that a “crypto oligopoly” is imminent as top exchanges, led by Coinbase and Gemini, grab a 96% market share, with $1.5 trillion in trading in February.

ESG Investing
A new study found that investors know “little” about ESG investing, with only 9% of retail investors reporting they have ESG investments.

401k Private Equity
An op-ed was published noting that adding private investments to 401k plans would benefit investors, compared to the current baseline of more narrow investment options in equity and fixed-income mutual funds.

It was reported that the SEC is wading deeper into cybersecurity for advisors and public firms.

Source Code Theft
A former branch chief of the Department of Homeland Security was convicted of source code theft. His role in the scheme was to ex-filtrate the proprietary source code from DHS facilities and help establish computer servers at another home that were remotely accessed by developers in India who were assigned to make a commercial version of the software.

In the Mix: This Week’s Top FinTech Thought Leader

  • Gabriella Kusz, was appointed CEO of the Global DCA, a self-regulatory association for the digital asset and cryptocurrency industry.
  • Jaime Lizárraga, a Democrat, was appointed by President Biden to be Commissioner at the SEC.
  • Mark Uyeda, a Republican, was appointed by President Biden to be Commissioner at the SEC.